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Australian Cattle Genetics Export Agency

ACGEAILRIC has been endorsed as the Australian Cattle Genetics Export Agency (ACGEA)  by the Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association (ARCBA) and Austalian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC). Additionally this appointment was unanimously endorsed by the peak industry body, the Cattle Council of Australia (CCA).

The current global environment - with increasing pressure on food safety and whole of supply chain quality assurance, as well as increasing competition from the world’s biggest livestock herds (Australia has just 2.6% of the world cattle herd, exporting nearly 70% of our beef production) - dictates that future productivity gains within the agricultural sector will be derived from increased efficiency in production, greater utilisation of environmental resources through sustainable management and the introduction and dissemination of new technologies.

As the world’s most export-dependant beef producer, there is critical need to broaden the industry product base, particularly genetic exports (semen, embryos & live seedstock) and a full portfolio of livestock support products, including management & education. ILRIC, with industry collaboration, will promote our position as secure suppliers of world best genetics, with ability to supply specific genotypes for varying market needs.


ILRIC's main charter is to provide independent certification of beef breeding animals based on the ACGEA standards.

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